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Digitising your collection

When you collect material for the People’s Record, you need to decide on the formats in which you will save your digital files.  We want you to make your choice with long-term sustainability in mind.

The guidelines below give a list of approved formats for your People’s Record project.

Consent and copyright

Because the aim of the People’s Record is to make the material as accessible and widely-used as possible, the People's Record recommends a widely-used license for sharing material on the internet called the Creative Commons license.

Uploading your collection to the People's Record

To add your collection to the People's Record, you should register on this website. You will then be able to upload and describe your material.

How do I get started?

Click on the link above titled Contribute. Then click on the link to register a username and password.

When you register, you’ll find that you are asked to enter some initial details about your People’s Record project. You’ll be able to edit these details later if you want.

After registration, you will get to a screen called Getting Started and can then upload your items to the website. An item is a single file, such as a photo or an audio clip. Hopefully, the process should be self-explanatory.

You’ll see that, if you wish, you can organise the items you upload into ‘groups’, so that you can keep related items together. However, if you just have a few items to upload you do not need to do this.

The items you upload will not be displayed on the public view of website until they have been checked by a People’s Record editor.

What types of files can I upload?

You can upload pictures, audio files and text. Please contact us if you would like to upload a video to the site and we will help you do this. For recommended file formats, see the People's Record digitisation guidelines.

What information do I need to provide about the files I upload?

When you upload a file, you'll be asked to supply some simple information about it.

The People’s Record project is following the cataloguing guidelines produced by the Community Archive and Heritage Group (  These guidelines aim to help community groups catalogue their collections in a way that is straightforward, but is also compliant with international standards.

Please read the Community Archive cataloguing guidelines so that you are ready to catalogue your collection.

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