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Tags: "Barnsley"

The following People's Record projects have been tagged with your chosen keyword.

  • Butterflies- the film

    Butterflies- the film

    A short film made by Barnsley College Media Students and Fabric Lenny, the final piece of their People's Record journey.
  • Butterflies- the script

    Butterflies- the script

    The script for the film written by Barnsley College students with support and guidance from Dan Mallaghan
  • Creating the animation

    Fabric Lenny and Barnsley College students set up a film studio to create the final element of their film.

    The script 'Butterflies' was read aloud…
  • Filming on location

    Barnsley College students worked with Fabric Lenny to create their film.

    They filmed in Barnsley town centre and at Cannon Hall Museum Park and…
  • The script writing process

    Barnsley College students worked with script writer Dan Mallaghan for the first day to come up with a script for their film.

    These photographs show…